MoMoLo Team


Friedemann is the circus director and founded MoMoLo in the year 2006. He is keeping an eye on the bigger picture, is leading many projects and events and is responsible for the artistic direction. Doing music, planning projects and being circus-director are his favorite duties. Friede Profil zugeschnitten
Fatima is the head of the class- and office -administration as well as accounting. But Fatima is also working as a trainer. She started as an assistant and now she is responsible for the beginners’ trapeze course which she leads with a lot of enthusiasm and empathy. DSC_0049 (2)bearb
Angel is our educational specialist, who got to know MoMoLo during his European volunteer year. Growing up in Andalusia, Spain, he started from age 8 on juggling and performing on the street. After finishing his degree in Social Work, he had gained already many experiences working with children. Holidays Camps and all sorts of beautiful project let him blossom. Angel Escobar Martinez
Robin is our man for light, sound and circus technique. He is a skilled event technician and in all technical matters our go-to person. As a former circus-kid, Robin also has excellent juggling skills. Trapeztraining in Jena
Nele is not on the MoMoLo stage, but is active behind the scene. Maybe, you have already received mail from her? She takes care of the public relations and the fundraising but also likes to get involved into diverse projects. zugeschnitten_2
Luis is our bundle of energy from Ecuador and is not scared to take risks while practicing different diciplines. A real All-Round-Talent who does acrobatics, trampoline, balance or trapece. As a former MoMoLo volunteer his dream is to join an artistic school and to become a Profi-artist and trainer at MoMoLo
Justus came from Northern Germany to Jena to get to know the Circus and complete a one year long volunteer service with MoMoLo. After his daily office routine, he is more than happy to check out the different circus diciplines. Next he wants to learn how to juggle on a ball.
Jeries is our international volunteer who comes from Jena`s sister city Beit Jala (Palastine), where he was engaged in the theater as well as with the red noses international. As a studied scenographer and experienced clown he especially loves to participate in all our circus productions.

Alumni: Ina  She founded Circus MoMoLo together with Friedemann. Being a trained pedagogue she loves doing aerial acrobatics (trapeze, tissue) and travelling to her favorite country Spain. Lisa The new Co-teacher for the little childrens’ course MoMoLinos II. Matze Dr. MoMoLo does not only care about his patients in hospital but also about walking on stilts and clowning. He is part of our team since 2008 and supports us with a lot of humor, motivation and energy. Caroline comes from Erfurt to develope her Culture Voluntary year in Momolo. She have been involve in acrobatics since many year ago and have a long experience in circus. She will lead the tissue workshop for this year and her passion is Handstand. Also she is doing a important work at the office. So we have to thanks her all the things she is giving to the project. Sophie dives into our colorful circus for three month. She started her intership with us during her studies at the University of Educational Sciences in Jena. Sophie brings some experiences from theater, and she love to fill with colour all our children projects. She has also work with children from Jena and refugees and brings with her a large funny Hula Hoop! Hannes Mr. Diabolo the first Volunteer at Circus Momoko and subsequent years one of our freelancers, he is now in England and studied physics. He has done a lot for Momolo. Thank you Hannes! Viliya from Bulgaria enriched Momolo one year as a European Volunteer with her fire art. Andrea He did a European Volunteer Service at Circus MoMoLo. Now he is starting as an artist for juggling, music & performance. Paula a wounderful volunteer in 2014. Sophie She decided to be a volunteer after her final exams. After a nice year at MoMoLo Circus, she starts to study architecture. Timon The acrobat came to Jena in 2012 in order to study. Fortunatelly he also crossed path with MoMoLo. Besides his acrobatik-workshops he was also teaching young people in trampolin and aesthetic fight with sticks. Rita She was a volunteer who loved to sew. Furthermore she was the tissues, acrobatics’ and MoMoLinos’ coach. Finally she staged up the great performance “Alarm im Moseum – die Jagd nach der goldenen Keksrolle”. Johanna  She is studying pedagogic. She was infected by circus during an internship at Circus MoMoLo. Since then Johanna supports us in some courses. Maike She also studies pedagogic. Since her short internship she always bears a helping hand during projects. Sarah In 2009 she did an internship at Circus MoMoLo. Uta She is also one of the founders of Circus MoMoLo. Especially during the first years she organized a lot. Uta is also very talented in crafting. We still use the drapery she has built. Karina She was very important during the first years. She was responsible for a lot of organization and also responsible for the costumes.